Del denne siden

P-litter born 19.02.23.

Rocket Of The Warriors Red Skin


RL1, AG(H)I Kidachi`s Now I Want To Love You

*Kidachi`s Pitch Perfect, male

*Kidachi`s Plenty Pleasure, male

*Kidachi`s Premium Princely, male

*Kidachi`s Precious Pal, male

O-litter is born 02.05.20.

C.I.B. N SE DK FI NORDIC UCH KBHJV-18 KBHV-18 NV-18 SE V-18 DKV-19 Miraristaff Lonesome Rider


RL1 Kidachi`s Illanipi

*Kidachi’s Ocean Blue
*Kidachi’s Ocean Wave
*Kidachi’s Ocean View
*Kidachi’s Ocean Dreamer
*Kidachi’s Ocean Eyes
*Kidachi’s Ocean Rain
*Kidachi’s Ocean Skies

N-litter born 14.02.20.

Veilabakkens Like A Rolling Stone



Kidachi`s Let`s Go All The Way

* Kidachi’s Now I’m Your Other Half, male
* Kidachi’s Now I’m Your Everything, female
* Kidachi’s Now My Place Is With You, female
* Kidachi’s Now I Want To Love You, female
* Kidachi’s Now I’m Your Sunshine, female

M-litter born 02.05.19.

EE, NO, SE, DK, NORD CH Saintbull's Clark Kent


RL1 Kidachi`s Illanipi

*Kidachi's Mojave Desert Sidewinder, male
*Kidachi's Mandalay Cobra, male
*Kidachi's Mollucan Python, female
*Kidachi's Malabar Rock PitViper, female